You are the Visionary Dentist!

As the Visionary Dentist, you thrive on connection with your team and culture thrives under your leadership. You’re great at making your team feel appreciated and your patients happy and comfortable, which builds practice loyalty from both your team and your patients! Patients likely refer their friends and family to you due to the superior experience you provide.


You may want to hone in on your systems and operations or find a member of your team to help systematize your processes. Be sure to keep an eye on you KPI’s, as measuring productivity is one of the most important pieces to your success. You may also suffer from a bit of “shiny object syndrome,” as you’re always thinking of the next big idea. This is where that operations leader will come in! You can sometimes be labeled sensitive, as you are so vested in your team members, so be sure to keep a level head when dealing with issues that may arise.


Use the graphic here to help you know which areas of the Pathway you shine in and which areas you can hone in on or delegate!

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