You are the Steady Hand!

As the Steady Hand, you are trustworthy and reliable. You WOW your patients and team with your superior patient experience. Your team thrives under your leadership because collaboration comes so easy to you. You set the tone for your practice for professionalism and care from treatment presentation to actual dentistry. You do it all and you make it look so easy!

If you don’t yet have an Operations Manager or someone to help you get systems & operations in place, you may want to start thinking about finding someone or honing in on these areas. You don’t tend to like marketing, but it is essential in bringing new patients to your practice – you may want to think about outsourcing this task as well. You may be seen as overly cautious and change-averse to your team, so make sure that as you round out your team you are finding a yin to your yang in those areas.  

Use the graphic here to help you know which areas of the Pathway you shine in and which you could hone in on!

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